It is unfortunate we can't buy many business executives for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth.
~Malcolm Forbes.

About: Surun


This is where all good things start and so was the start of Surun Infocore Systems...
We are a group of young and enthusiastic software and hardware / networking professionals with a strong desire to stand tall in the market and to earn recognition in both horizontal and vertical growth of the computer industry.

About - Surun

The company’s business objectives are strategically structured towards providing solutions for a community-based resource services for the computer hardware and software industry by delivering our best ability.

Thus, we are a full service organization offering a unique integration of strategy, technology and creative accomplishment geared for quantifiable impact on our clients' improved business performance.

Company Vision

Expand work domains in various platforms to match the industry demands.

Company Mission

Design and cater a services, enables the client to manipulate the time factor.

Company Strategy

Deliver the best price performance technology service.
Offer unique quality service.
Built on our strengths; invest in our staff and giving value to our environment.

Management Profile

Mr. Sarvesh N. Sonawane

- Managing Director
B.E. - Computer - Pune University

Short Profile - Mr. Sarvesh Sonawane.

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- Managing Director
@ Surun (12 Years)

- Member
@ Pune Cyber Committee (4 Years)

- Associate Consultant
@ Capgemini Pvt. Ltd. (2 Years)
(Year 2007 - 2009)

- Visiting Faculty Lecturer
@ For M.C.A (Semester III) For Subject “Cyber Law”. (3 Months)

- Hacker`s Tantra
- Brand Establisher.

- Head of Operations
@ Knowledge Processing Operations. (Surun)

- Judge
For “Avishkar 2009” project competitions.
For "Bits-N-Bytes 2010" project competitions.

- Guest of Honor
Enterprise Development Using Spring 2.5.